Gloves and Fashion

All the European designer runways 2017-2018 showed it – it is all about the finishing touch.

Simple designed coats, leather skirts and pants, silk and chiffon blouses and luscious long leather gloves dominate the scene.
Not only for women, also for men. Lovely.
Shapely legs with stiletto pumps, boots,wedges, sneakers.
Skirts fall just over the knees revealing the right amount of leg with gossamer see-through fabrics and alluring lace.

In this video (Dutch language only, items starts at 20:01)  our leather gloves expert Bob is talking about royalty, fashion and gloves on Dutch national tv.

Vintage is vogue
Old Paris, Berlin and Hollywood is back and vintage is vogue.
No naked thighs or bare bellies but a sexy, mysterious elegance that say fabulous, much like the legendary Coco Chanel and Marlene Dietrich.

Audrey Hepburn wears Long Leather Gloves


Classy and classic are essential elements in every lady's and men's wardrobe.
Leather handbags are a normal or small size.Clutches are in vogue also for the day.
Classic necklaces feature delicate and bold combinations of gold, pearl and silver.
For men silver and leather necklaces and bracelets.
Long leather gloves are timeless pieces, truly reflect the finishing touch.


The colors are chic and sophisticated tones of black, gray, blue and cork that are outstanding on everyone.
No matter what your figure type or colorings, these shades make the most of what you've got.
Accessories are featured in bright colors and shiny patent leather to offset the neutral fashion tones.
Leather gloves are more expressive in color and length for a dramatic flair to flatter every outfit.
In a rainbow of colors to match or offset what you wear, gloves are must-have items to show off how classy you are.
Don't forget black gloves are always elegant.

Fashion Colors  2017-2018

Many months before the haute couture collections of the leading fashion houses is designed,Ines Gloves are often used for photo shoots for many different fashion magazines and designers worldwide.
We know what the trends will be.

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Gloves Sizing Chart

To find out your leather glove size, you need to do two measurements
You should use your dominant hand, the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed.
NOTE: if you are unsure about the size please contact
Measure ( cm-inch ) around your hand with a tape.
Measure at the place indicated on the diagram below.
How to measure your gloves size

Measure ( cm-inch ) the middle finger from the base to the tip.
Note: Fingerless gloves only measure around the hand.
How to measure your gloves size
If you have a size in between and you like tight gloves, choose the smaller size.
Otherwise choose the larger size.
Unlined gloves have the ability to adjust to the shape of your own hand and arm. 

16.2 cm. - 16.9 cm. +/-(6.2" - 6.6")
Length middle finger:
+/- 7 cm. +/-(2.8")
Small (6.5)
16.4 cm. - 17.2 cm. (6.3" - 6.7")
Length middle finger:
+/- 8 cm. (3.1")

Medium (7.5)
17.2 cm. - 18 cm. (6.7" - 7")
length middle finger:
+/- 8.5 cm. (3.3")

Large (7.5-8)
18 cm. - 18.8 cm. (7" - 7.2")
length middle finger:
+/- 9 cm. (3.5")

XLarge (8)
18.8 cm. - 19.6 cm. (7.2" - 7.5")
length middle finger:
+/- 9.5 cm. (3.7")

2X-Large (9)
19.6 cm. - 20.5 cm. (7.5" - 8")
length middle finger:
+/- 9.5 cm. (3.7")

3X-Large (10)
20.5 cm. - 22.5 cm. (8" - 8.8")
length middle finger:
+/- 9.5 cm. (3.7")


Small (8)
20.5 cm. - 21.5 cm. (8" - 8.4")

Medium (9)
21.5 cm. - 22.5 cm. (8.4" - 8.8")

Large (10)
22.5 cm. - 23.5 cm. (8.8" - 9.2")

XLarge (10.5)
23.5 cm. - 25 cm. (9.2" - 9.8")

Circumference hand
14.6 cm. - 15 cm. +/-(5.5" - 5.9")
Length middle finger:
7.8 cm. +/-(3")
Circumference hand
15.6 cm. - 15.9 cm. +/-(6.0")
Length middle finger:
7 cm. +/-(2.8")

circumference widest part of upper arm

Small:      +/- 27.5 cm. +/-(10.8")
Medium:  +/- 30.0 cm. +/-(11.8")
Large:      +/- 31.5 cm.+/- (12.4")
X-large:   +/- 32.0 cm.+/- (12.6")
2X-large: +/- 34.0 cm.+/-(13.3")
3X-large: +/- 34.5 cm.+/-(13.6")


Click here for centimeters to inches calculator

NOTE: if you need help about the size please
or chat with us on the right side down below