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Read what our dear customers say about Ines Gloves:

"I received the extreme length leather gloves for my wife. Unbelievable...
fast shipping, read the fitting instructions "Fits like a glove". Fantastic quality leather. She will love these gloves forever. I bet you may be seeing another order from us!

Thanks for a quality product! You may post my extreme satisfaction note for
other prospective purchasers!


Gloves arrived – WOW – perfect fit.
Daniel USA

"You said, trust the designer. I did! Why? No idea, it was a feeling. I’m so happy with "my happy laced gloves"
Anne USA

"Merci Ines, you bring Les Gants Glace back'', and also thank you for the help online, they fit perfect."
Anna-Belle, France 


"I have just received "My Man Glace" Gloves" and I would like to say that they are everything I"d excepted and more. The quality and craftsmanship is above and beyond my expectations. The price is well worth the product. I can say that in the future I will only purchase products, of this type, through Ines. I can not say enough about your product. Keep up the great work and quality of your lines of leather goods.
from USA


"Your Glacé Gloves arrived yesterday and I am in heaven! The gloves are really just like a second skin."
from Spain 


"Thank you a lot for your gloves. They are definitely the best gloves I ever bought - awesome design, great quality and tight as a glove has to be. I will recommend your gloves to everyone who is looking for an outstanding pair of gloves."
Michael, Switzerland

"I received the leather Glace" gloves for men and they are absolutely gorgeous. The were indeed very tight to put on, but now have conformed to my hands perfectly. They are of the highest quality, and I am very happy with them. Thank you. I look forward to your upcoming styles."
Toby, USA


"I just received the most wonderfull and soft elbow gloves. Thanks!"...
Birgitta from Belgium

"Thank for your great product. The Packaging and dedication to detail was flawless!"
Ross, Canada

"My wife loved the gloves, good quality and perfect fit . She wanted to sleep with the new gloves in her hands but I managed to persuade her to remove them for the night and put back again next day. :-) Thanks again!"
Lasse, Finland


"The gloves are made of luxurious full-grain lamb skin leather in slim, fitted styles. Names such as "My Warm Brocade Gloves" and "My Warm Happy Laces Gloves" accentuate the luxury and comfort of the gloves and add a seductive touch"
review in Fashion United


"Only one word for the Gloves Bolero, "Magic" Thank you so much"
Kirsten, Sweden


" I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know my gloves arrived today and thank you for your prompt service. The gloves look and smell fantastic and I appreciate the quality of your work (which is something you don"t see often these days)" 
Jeff, USA


"Thank you for sending the most beautiful and well made gloves. Your costumer service is excellent and honest."
Theresa, USA


"The new Up-shoulder gloves arrived this week, neatly packaged and beautifully presented in your trade mark pretty black box. These are gloves to die for! They are an exquisite length and have a lovely soft texture. The size you recommended is a nice snug fit not only in the fingers, hands and wrists, but also all the way up the arms to the shoulders. These gloves also look very fetching when worn ruched over the forearms with the hem at the elbow. Thanks for your friendly advice and excellent service. I look forward to seeing more of your interesting designs and very special merchandise."
Graeme, Australia


"Thanks again, we don't think you could have done it any better. Excellent service and would recommend you to anyone."
Luke, U.K.

The  leather bed cover is huge! Wonderful soft leather and the silk feels rich. I"m very very happy with it. Thanks for your outstanding work, quality and last but not least, your fast and friendly help. We will be back for the leather stockings, my wife is already dreaming..."
John, USA

"Just wanted to tell you that the gloves are beautiful. Thanks again for your kind help and lovely gloves."

Maria, USA 


"I must admit, your shoulder high gloves are really good. Nice feeling, tight and soft."
Barbara, Italia


"My sister in law was delighted with the gloves we bought her, excellent service and friendly too!"
Sarah, New Zealand


"Mijn vriendin is er heel erg blij mee. Ik vind de handschoenen ook heel mooi en elegant"
Ruud, Zwitserland


"I received the gloves today, very happy! Thanks for the professional and swift service."
Sean, Ireland


"The 2 pairs of your gloves were a present to my wife. She was very happy with them, beautifully designed and a perfect fitting. Thank you for your help and advise."
Tom, Netherlands






Ines gloves are featured in fashion magazines worldwide:
Vogue (Italy, China, Germany, Holland, France, USA), Elle, Elegance, Candy, ID-Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, V-Magazine to name a few.
Read more on the Ines Gloves press page.

Ines Gloves have seen lots of catwaks too:
Vera Wang, Marlies Dekkers, Forum Tufi Duek, Der Kommissar, Blue Blood, Ilja Visser, Francisco van Benthum and more recently iNDiViDUALS, JAN BOELO, Supertrash and MoAM.

Ines Gloves at the movies and television:
Zwartboek, X-men, Sex and the city, Blauw Bloed, Doghouse, ...

Ines Gloves is proud working with these photographers and stylists:
Maarten Spruyt, Petrovsky and Ramone, Arianne Phillips, Juergen Teller, Steven Meisel, Peter Lindbergh, Edward Enninful, Lori Goldstein, Steven Klein, Terry Richardson, Mario Testino and many more.

View more news and articles about us on the Ines Leather Gloves blog.

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Gloves Sizing Chart

To find out your leather glove size, you need to do two measurements
You should use your dominant hand, the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed.
NOTE: if you are unsure about the size please contact
Measure ( cm-inch ) around your hand with a tape.
Measure at the place indicated on the diagram below.
How to measure your gloves size

Measure ( cm-inch ) the middle finger from the base to the tip.
Note: Fingerless gloves only measure around the hand.
How to measure your gloves size
If you have a size in between and you like tight gloves, choose the smaller size.
Otherwise choose the larger size.
Unlined gloves have the ability to adjust to the shape of your own hand and arm. 

16.2 cm. - 16.9 cm. +/-(6.2" - 6.6")
Length middle finger:
+/- 7 cm. +/-(2.8")
Small (6.5)
16.4 cm. - 17.2 cm. (6.3" - 6.7")
Length middle finger:
+/- 8 cm. (3.1")

Medium (7.5)
17.2 cm. - 18 cm. (6.7" - 7")
length middle finger:
+/- 8.5 cm. (3.3")

Large (7.5-8)
18 cm. - 18.8 cm. (7" - 7.2")
length middle finger:
+/- 9 cm. (3.5")

XLarge (8)
18.8 cm. - 19.6 cm. (7.2" - 7.5")
length middle finger:
+/- 9.5 cm. (3.7")

2X-Large (9)
19.6 cm. - 20.5 cm. (7.5" - 8")
length middle finger:
+/- 9.5 cm. (3.7")

3X-Large (10)
20.5 cm. - 22.5 cm. (8" - 8.8")
length middle finger:
+/- 9.5 cm. (3.7")


Small (8)
20.5 cm. - 21.5 cm. (8" - 8.4")

Medium (9)
21.5 cm. - 22.5 cm. (8.4" - 8.8")

Large (10)
22.5 cm. - 23.5 cm. (8.8" - 9.2")

XLarge (10.5)
23.5 cm. - 25 cm. (9.2" - 9.8")

Circumference hand
14.6 cm. - 15 cm. +/-(5.5" - 5.9")
Length middle finger:
7.8 cm. +/-(3")
Circumference hand
15.6 cm. - 15.9 cm. +/-(6.0")
Length middle finger:
7 cm. +/-(2.8")

circumference widest part of upper arm

Small:      +/- 27.5 cm. +/-(10.8")
Medium:  +/- 30.0 cm. +/-(11.8")
Large:      +/- 31.5 cm.+/- (12.4")
X-large:   +/- 32.0 cm.+/- (12.6")
2X-large: +/- 34.0 cm.+/-(13.3")
3X-large: +/- 34.5 cm.+/-(13.6")


Click here for centimeters to inches calculator

NOTE: if you need help about the size please
or chat with us on the right side down below